The Real Reason You Never Reach Your Fitness Goals (And What to Do Instead)

Woman doing a pushup
Let me guess.

You’ve wasted time and money following the latest fad diet or the ultimate workout program because it promised to get you chiseled abs in a ridiculously short amount of time.

Only to fall flat and never reach your goals.

No shame there. I’ve done it too.

Now, you’re skeptical about trying something else. You’re frustrated because you’ve wasted so much time and effort, and you’re nowhere near your dreamed body.

95% of the advice you see online about how to improve your body is useless.

Most of the time is oversimplified, outdated, or just wrong.

Here’s the thing, changing your body is not an overnight process, nor a 7-day detox thing, nor a 2-week workout program.

Changing your body is a long game.

Yeah, you can achieve decent results in 4–12 weeks, but drastic changes, the ones you want, take years.

Why Your Big Fitness Goals Are Drowning You

Listen, I consider myself an individual with an above average physique. I’ve been training for more than 8 years.

Yet, every time I open up Instagram, I feel like CRAP!

I see all these people with INCREDIBLE bodies, and every so often I come across women that are stronger than me, literally they outlift me, and I can’t avoid feeling behind.

Does this happen to you? I bet it does.

Our social media feeds consist of a concentrated stream of influencers with above average genetics that have been training since they’re 10 years old.

No wonder you feel bad. No wonder it’s so easy to fall for the fake promises of fad diets, and miraculous training programs.

You want to look like them. Right NOW!

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

Yeah, you might have been dealt a worst set of cards than the influencers. But 99% of the people out there are in your same spot.

And the ONLY thing you can do is improve yourself.

So instead, of setting crazy goals, and failing to achieve them over and over again. Focus on small improvements.

And this doesn’t mean that you get to have mediocre goals, this means that you need to understand that things take time and effort.

If you want to look like an Instagram influencer or fitness model, you need to be willing to put in years of effort and sacrifice.

Otherwise, you’ll end up chasing your tail, angry and frustrated.

You Have to Make Things Easier for Yourself

Big goals are scary.

And when you get scared, you feel overwhelmed, and end up paralyzed.

Yeah, you might have HUGE goals, but if you only focus on the totality of the effort that your goal will require, your brain will vomit, and you feel like curling up and staying in bed all day.

It sucks!

Set Small Goals Instead

Small goals are easier to achieve.

If you accomplish many small goals over a long a period of time, the little achievements add up into a HUGE one.

You can tell yourself: I’m gonna lose 25 lbs in a month, and end up in bed scared and overwhelmed, not knowing what to do.

Or you can tell yourself: I’m going to lose 1 lb over the next 2 weeks.

What feels easier?

I bet you can lose 1 lb over the next two weeks. Anyone can.

Repeat that over 52 weeks, and that’s your 25 lbs.

That’s progress.

Take small actions

Have you ever tried to start a completely new diet and fitness program at the same time?

It feels like mission impossible. It’s like trying to juggle 10 glass cups while riding a monocycle, something is going to break eventually.

When you try too many new things too fast, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

What if instead of starting a new diet along with a new exercise program and failing, you focus on changing one small daily habit.

Something as small as eating one less cookie per day, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or having a salad (no ranch dressing) instead of a pizza slice.

Instead of committing yourself to spend 2 hours in the gym every day and completely changing your diet at the same time, commit to doing 1 squat or 1 push up per day, and to not eat that cookie.

That’s it.

Just one thing at a time.

What usually happens is that these small actions end up compounding into bigger ones, and instead of just eating the salad you’ll find yourself eating healthy meals throughout the day, or instead of doing one squat or one push up you’ll find yourself doing 100 squats.

This mindset takes the pressure off.

There’ll be days when you don’t feel like doing anything, so when those days come, you just complete your small action and you’ve already won.

Getting Fit is Tough Shit. But You Can Do It!

It’s tough, but not impossible.

Can you do it?

Hell Yeah! You just need to treat your fitness goals seriously and work hard and smart to achieve them.

Will it be hard?

Yep. Not much to do there. Anything worthwhile doing is tough. And the longer you postpone it, the tougher it’ll be, so the best day to start is today.

Will it be rewarding?

AbsoFREAKINGlutely. There’s never a day I regret dedicating myself to improving my health and fitness. Never.

When’s the best time to start?

Right now.

Start by setting small goals that you know you’ll achieve, and start accumulating small successes.

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