Client transformations

My clients are all very busy people who struggled to get in good shape and eat healthy foods – but that was before they applied for coaching with me.

With efficient workouts, hard work, and a helping hand from personalized online coaching, they were able to lose fat and build muscle!

All the transformations you see here were made possible with custom diet plans, specially designed workout routines, and face-to-face weekly checkups with me.

You can get the body you want, too.  If you feel inspired by the transformations on this page, apply here for my coaching service.

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Fat Loss Transformations:

Fat loss tranformation
Inaki lost over 30 lbs while working 60 hours a week!
Fat loss before after
Giovanna is a busy mom, but has lost over 12 lbs so far!
Fat loss before after
Jose has lost over 35 lbs in just 6 months. His goal is to get a six pack soon!
Fat loss before after
Donovan is a father of two and works full-time. He’s lost over 35 lbs so far!
Fat loss change
Dan made this tranformation while working full-time and being a father of two.


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Schedule a FREE 20-min Fitness Consultation!




Schedule a FREE 20-min Fitness Consultation!



Muscle Gain Transformations:


Muscle gain before after transformation


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