Why Detoxes & Cleanses Are an Unhealthy Money-Making Scam (And What to Do Instead)

“Just drink this juice for a week and you’ll look like a Greek God or Goddess, and you’ll get to clean up your body from all the junk you ate and smoked during the summer…”

That’s the dream, right?

No complicated diets, no dragging your butt to the gym, no weighing food.

Instead, sip on a juice for a week, and all your fat will magically melt away from your body, and you’ll be left fresh and “cleansed.”

Just you, the pepper-infused lemonade, a week or two… And a clear path to your dreamed body and health.

It’s a no-brainer!

Too bad it’s a scam. You’ve seen the ads about “cleaning” your body by drinking cayenne pepper infused lemonade, or some exotic tea infused with a fruit or spice that sounds like it came from the Caribbean.

You really, REALLY want to believe in the results.

But there’s a little voice in the back of your head that tells you: “Don’t be a fool!”… “It’s all lies.”

That little voice is right, detoxes are just another fad diet.

Trying to remove toxins from your body will do nothing to make you healthier, and you shouldn’t worry about them at all.

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Toxins

What is a toxin?

Toxins — According to the US Library of Medicine they are substances created by plants and animals that are poisonous to humans. Toxins also include some medicines that are helpful in small doses, but poisonous in large amounts.

Toxicants — according to the National Cancer Institute poisons that are made by humans or that are put into the environment by human activities. Many pesticides are toxicants.

Detox diets claim that toxic substances accumulate in your body over time, hence why you need to “cleanse” yourself… To get rid of them before they damage your health.

The thing is, there are several factors that determine toxicity, and the biggest one is the size of the dose.

Even water, if over-consumed, can cause acute intoxication and result in death by a condition called hyponatremia.

The case is the same for your regular over the counter medicines. You can become intoxicated and die from consuming too much ibuprofen

In both cases, a cleanse will be utterly useless… If you ever find yourself intoxicated at this level, your best chance of surviving is to seek immediate medical attention.

Now, you might be concerned about residues of pesticides found in foods… But as we saw above, dosage plays a big role in determining toxicity.

That’s why the Pesticide Data Program (PDP) exists. They reassure consumers that the majority of foods available on the supermarkets contain residues that are within the tolerable levels established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

And, if you want to be extra safe, rinsing, peeling, cooking, and boiling your foods before consuming them will significantly reduce pesticide residues

There are also some detoxes that claim to clean your body from high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)…

But guess what?

HFCS is not evil, in fact, is pretty similar to regular refined sugar. Which, if over-consumed, leads to an increase in calorie intake, which can result in fat gain and obesity…

It’s not toxic per se, it just makes you fat if you eat too much of it.

So, unless you’re chugging on bottles of Tylenol, snorting Clorox, or inhaling pesticides, you shouldn’t be concerned about becoming intoxicated with regular foods found in supermarkets.

And, if you ever find yourself intoxicated… Go to the hospital ASAP!

Why No Human Being on Earth Needs a Cleanse

The goal of a detox is to “cleanse” your body from noxious substances…

Some of them claim to target specific organs, such as the “Colon Cleanse.” While others say that they’ll purify you from your head to your toes, such as the “Master Cleanse.

A 2009 study found that out of 15 detox supplements, none could provide a definition of what they meant by detox, nor were they able to provide any evidence of their effectiveness.

And, even if the chemical accumulation does occur, drinking exotic concoctions that cost more than your average mortgage payment will not do anything to clean you up.

We have powerful internal systems that have been developed and refined over millions of years through evolutionary processes that are in charge of cleaning your body.

Your liver, your lungs, your kidneys are really freaking good at cleaning your body, and they don’t need your help.

In fact, the cleanses end up making things worse…

Usually, they consist of eating an exorbitantly small amount of calories. Which weakens your body, your immune system, and your internal processes become affected. You deprive your body of the fuel it needs to function properly and end up sabotaging yourself.

There’s no quick fix for a healthy lifestyle. If you really want to be healthy, then you have to start living healthy. If you are constantly eating a bunch of crap, smoking incessantly, and getting fat. No detox on earth will fix the problem.

The best way to support your bodily functions and healthy life is by adopting a balanced diet, by exercising regularly, and by staying properly hydrated.

Why Cleanses Don’t Actually Help You Lose Fat

Usually, when people start a cleanse they’re amazed by the rapid amount of weight loss… If only weight loss would equal fat loss things would be amazing.

But, it’s only water weight you’re losing, not fat. Water weight that will come rushing back as soon as you resume your regular diet.

There’s this thing called glycogen, and it’s stored in the liver, the muscles, and fat cells. To store one gram of glycogen, the body needs three grams of water, and you can get rid of A LOT of glycogen and water in 48 hours if your diet lacks enough carbohydrates.

It’s just an illusion, and you’ll be disappointed shortly after ending the detox and resuming your regular diet.

One benefit of detoxes is that you’ll be forced to consume vegetables and fruits which contain vitamins and micronutrients that are good for your health…

But, a better strategy is just to improve your diet.

You Have to Play The Long Game

Listen, having a great body is a tough process, and you have to understand that weight loss is a long game.

Instead of seeking drastic changes by consuming exotic concoctions, start thinking small, worry about losing the next pound, and then the next, and the next, and so on.

Anyone can do it. You have to be smart about it and set realistic expectations.

Don’t expect to look like the Instagram influencers that have been training and dieting for 10+ years if you’ve only been training for a couple of months or less.

Educate yourself about nutrition. Hire a personal trainer or get help from a professional. Understand weight loss and improving your body is a long game.

Good luck!

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    1. Green tea isn’t a detoxifier.

      The caffeine in it has a slight fat-burning effect, but the number one driver of fat loss is a calorie deficit.

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