Why You’re Not Losing Weight an Interview With Tiago Vasconcelos Faleiro

Tiago Vasconcelos and Julian Hierro on a video conference - Lose Fat Build Muscle

Today we have Tiago Vasconcelos Faleiro, aka the Fitness Nerd, joining us for a killer episode on the Lose Fat Build Muscle Podcast.

Tiago works at Renaissance Periodization, which is one of the top companies when it comes to providing training and nutrition advice – if not the top company in the world.

He coaches people online and helps them reach their nutrition and training goals, and he has helped hundreds of folks get in shape, jacked, stronger, and sexier overall.

  • Some of the topics we covered in the podcast:
  • Most common fat loss mistakes people make when dieting.
  • How to create nutrition habits that last.
  • The best type of training for fat loss and muscle gain.
  • Periodizing your dieting and training for powerlifting success.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Where else can you find Tiago?

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